Betabrite Prism Messaging Software

Betabrite Prism Messaging Software 2.4

Run your programmable BetaBrite LED display with BetaBrite messaging programs
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Run your programmable BetaBrite LED display with our intuitive messaging programs, each created especially for the Classic and Prism models by Adaptive.
Create, view and manage your messages from the convenience of your PC. And downloading to your LED sign is fast and easy!

The software comes complete to connect to your digital sign.

- Intuitive installation wizard
- WYSIWYG interface simulates messages onscreen on your PC
- Allows you to create, edit, view and store several messages
- Multiple font and character color choices
- Transition effects include scrolling, flashing, drop-ins, and more.
- Works with full-color Prism model and 8-color Classic model

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